New Samsung Q1 usage scenario: System Restore!

Q1_video_2Let’s see, we’ve done a Vongo trial, did a video on numerous use cases, installed Microsoft Windows Vista and showed how an eBook looks on the Samsung Q1. There’s plenty more to do, but today I’m skipping ahead to the end of the usage scenarios: a full system restore. Why am I doing this? Well, I’ll have to do it at some point anyway and since I upgraded the RAM from 512 MB to 1 GB, I lost my AVStation Now utility for fast booting and watching media. The various workarounds to fix that haven’t worked for me, so now is as good a time as any to do the restore.

I’m kicking off the process now, so watch out later in the day for my experiences and thoughts. It looks like the method will require three CDs: one for Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005, one for AVStation Now and one for the Samsung applications and drivers. Cross your fingers everyone and let’s hope that Sammy is all back together real soon!



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