Connexion from Boeing seems to have crash-landed


Us_airlines_boeing_connexionAfter six years of losses and a rumored billion dollars in investment, it appears that Boeing might be shutting down its Connexion service which provides in-flight Internet access. Having just flown last weekend, I easily got by without any Internet access during my 2.5 hours of flight time each way. This comes from someone who pumps up to 2 GB of monthly bandwidth through an  EV-DO connection and who knows what through the DSL at home. For flights, I just download some media in advance, either eBooks, movies or podcasts and just consume the stored media. As "cool" as it is to have connectivity in the sky, I see it as a limited productivity gainer, but maybe that’s just me.

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Kevin, on a 2.5 hr flight I wouldn’t necessarily need it either (though I am surprised you don’t feel that your Q1 is the perfect device to use in that scenario… no one’s crushing your screen into the tray table when putting their cattle car seat back).

But on long-haul flights I’d definitely find it a worthwhile feature to have, especially if combined with a power plug in each seat. Anything to keep me from starring at my watch during those 12-hr flights from CA to Europe or Asia.


As someone whom flies to China on 15 hour legs each way I had hoped to get Boeing’s service sometime in the future, oh well!

Where is that quantum entanglement communications device (aka String Box) when I need it? :-)

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