Webcam and WiMax for the next-gen Nokia 770?


Nokia_770_internet_tablet2_1Nokia still contends the 770 will not have a cellular radio, there is some thought to beefing up the Internet Tablet with a webcam and eventual WiMax connectivity. After all, what’s a Internet Tablet without some super-beefy connectivity, right? Also under consideration are alternative input methods; seems to be a hot topic since we just can’t seem to break our keyboard addiction.

Here’s a question for your Nokia 770 owners and innocent bystanders thinking of grabbing one of these: what would you add or change the 770 for the next generation?

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LCD is NOT reflective, so it is very hard see the screen outside in the sun. I guess people from Finland and Linux developers are not used to natural light ;-)
SD would have higher capacity and lower price than RS-MMC
The mini power plug needs an adapter to be used with standard Nokia chargers. BTW: I use the Nokia CA-44 to connect a Solio solar charger to my Nokia770, so I can easily use it one long day without needing a replacement battery.


Replace the RS-MMC slot with an SD slot. Heck, make that two — my Zodiac has two slots and it’s nice to be able to keep one card in permanently and swap out another one based on current need.

Give it more RAM.

Triple battery life.

Dave Zatz

My major complaints were quirky/unreliable software. Sounds like some of that has been addressed with the recent Google update, though I don’t have first hand experience. A nicely integrated keyboard accessory or at least official drivers for exsiting keyboards would be nice. There’s something a little… off… about the screen – it’s fairly large and bright, but appears a bit grainy looking. So add that to my list of improvements. As with all portable devices, I need a million hours of battery life and a solar charger. ;)

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