UMPCs to face same doom as PlayStation 3?


Pressmensstyle_comlogo1 The center of the tech-journalism universe has proclaimed it so it must be true. Yes, Men.Style.Com has announced the five gadgets that are doomed and both the UMPC and the Sony PlayStation 3 are on the list. Doomed? UMPCs and Sony’s new high-def gaming platform? Let’s delve a little deeper here and see what the reasoning is.

For the UMPCs, it’s because "we’ve become a keyboard society". I’ll agree with the reasoning, but not with the conclusion. Who said you can’t add a keyboard to a UMPC? I guess that kind of accessorizing isn’t stylish. I suppose that all slate Tablet PCs are doomed as well, right? Apparently, these folks are also finding UPMCs at deep discounts based on this statement: "Bill Gates thinks all you need to do is get the price down and people will buy them, but the price has come down and they still haven’t taken off". HUH?!?

The Sony doom and gloom has a good reason too: the price. Microsoft’s XBox 360 beat the PS3 to market and can enjoy production economies of scale. However, I’d never bet against Sony in the console gaming market; they’ve proven time and time again that can and will lead that market.

The other three tech losers include: HD Radio, Sony’s eBook Reader, and the Nike+iPod Sport Kit. Men.Style.Com is part of the online GQ magazine; I’ll make a deal with ’em: I won’t write about style if they stop writing about tech.



Juan Luis Chulilla

That guy has a real insight, you know. What a brilliant analysis. What amazes me is the entire list, including not only UMPC and PS3 but sony reader also. Yeah, sure, e-ink has-no-future-at-all. Read my lips. And change my cristal ball, please.


Well, my phone and my PDA have keyboards (in fact it’s one device — a Treo 650). Are there any successful mobile phones that don’t have a keyboard?

Yes, digital cameras and gameboys and iPods don’t have keyboards… but maybe, just maybe that’s because they don’t require a lot of data entry? After all, my toaster doesn’t have a keyboard either ;)

Mark Sumimoto (Sumocat)

We’re a “keyboard society”? Let’s see… mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, Gameboys, PSPs, iPods, every other portable media players… Not seeing a lot of keyboards in our “keyboard society”. Oh, but they probably meant non-mobile devices.

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