The Truth About (Nokia) Tablet

The Nokia 770, an Internet Tablet, is getting a lot of attention these days. Despite the improvements in the OS, and new add-ons, it is still a device that leaves a lot to be desired. C/Net says it might get a webcam and might support WiMAX… some day. Whatever! Interesting but about this device is that it is a symbol of the decreasing importance of handset makers as carriers increase their grip on the wireless ecosystem. What more Nokia officials are admitting it in public

Ari Virtanen, vice president of convergence products at Nokia, told C/Net “The biggest thing is that we don’t want to be part of the cellular value chain,” he said. “We want to be a little bit out of that world. Once you put a SIM card in, it’s automatically controlled by the operator.” This from a guy who works for a company that is the number one mobile handset maker in the world.

Maybe this unintentional meaculpa does explain the Nokia-Siemens deal, and it also leads me to believe that Ericsson actually was quite smart when it got out of the handset business to concentrate on the backend infrastructure.

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