Telling Stories Through Mobisodes: The Challenges

The newly-appointed senior VP of Fox Mobile Mitch Feinman outlines some good points about making mobile video episodes and the challenges involved:
— Close-ups are key to draw the eye in and convey important messages through video.
-On a related note, mobile phone screens are darker than their larger counterparts. The scenes need to be shot brighter so that they are more easily viewed.
— Rule about sound: Less is better. Don’t want to crowd the soundtrack–it would cause too much confusion.
— In a movie theater, you are likely listening to 5.1 surround sound. With the mobile phone, you might be listening on an ear bud. In producing Mobisodes, we use aural information that helps with the story but suits the format. For example, in Prison Break: Proof of Innocence there is a scene with a woman that is locked in a room. The door knob starts to jiggle. The sound effects have to help focus the listener/viewer in to that occurrence for them to feel the suspense of that moment.