Samsung Q1 hits the Autobahn!

Q1_car1_1OK, the reports of the Autobahn are unconfirmed, but we do know that one of our jkOTR readers from Germany just mounted his Q1 to his car! How do we know this? Christoph sent us pics from the World Cup mecca, that’s how! Looks like Samsung offers a car mount that I haven’t seen here in the States. If you’ve got the bandwidth, Christoph has the pictures, so click on for the full visual step-by-step; I’ll keep the pics a little smaller for those who are bandwidth-challenged. There’s room for all kinds of folks here at jkOTR and we strive to be mobilitically-correct.

Thanks for the pics Christoph! For folks wondering if he likes his purchase, here’s a short quote: "All in all, the Q1 is a great gadget! I agree totally that one has to find a use for it first, but it proves in day to day life. Whether it is writing down notes or playing a quick round Mario with a Nintendo 64 emulator and a PS2-to-USB joypad adapter – it is great." OK, now go rev your engines and your Q1 Christoph; if your Sammy does hit the Autobahn, snap a pic for us!

Contents of the car cradle package:

Let’s just hope you’re a master of many languages based on the instructions:

Oh, that part I can read. It says: "Attach this thingie to that thingie":

Hey are we mounting our Q1 or are we going to arm-wrestle this thing?:


That’s a nice snug fit. Almost like it was made for the Q1….oh wait; it was.

Come to papa, little Q1!

Do you "Car" take "Sammy" to be your mobile device? I do….

Money shot:



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