How to: shut off DirectPush on the XV6700

Xv6700_upgrade1_1I was kind of bummed out after upgrading the firmware in the XV6700 this morning. Oh, it went without a hitch, so I was lucky, but I was disappointed that the EV-DO radio would constantly be on. I figured I’d have to buy an extended battery because of the extra juice used. After doing a little digging over dinner, I realized that there’s a method to turn the Microsoft DirectPush feature off temporarily, which in turn shuts down the EV-DO radio until you need it later or for another use.

The answer lies on the Today screen as shown to the right. See those three shortcuts at the bottom right? They were always there, but the middle one has some different functionality.

Xv6700_upgrade2When you click the shortcut, the XV6700 brings up the CommManager application, which it always did. I previously used it to manage my WiFi, Bluetooth and EV-DO radios prior to the upgrade. Take a look at the application now over to the right. Sneaky, sneaky: there’s an icon in the bottom that let’s you manage if Microsoft DirectPush is active or not! When you click this icon (the envelope with the arrow), it either turns DirectPush on or off so that you don’t have your EV-DO radio on if you don’t want it on. Sure, you can turn the EV-DO radio off completely, but then you can’t use it to hit the web or for any other purposes.

What a pleasant surprise this was; it doesn’t make up for the wait we had to endure, but it might have just saved me from purchasing another battery. BTW: the date on this ROM is 02/24/06….I assume it was VERY well tested over the past four months. ;)



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