EVDO ExpressCard from Novatel


Novatel_merlin_evdoI hope that Origami OEMs will start putting ExpressCard slots in the devices now that Novatel is soon to release their Merlin EVDO card.  The small ExpressCard slot is tailor-made for the Origami and having EVDO on the portable would be oh so sweet.  Surprisingly Novatel only has Windows drivers currently even though the only devices with ExpressCard slots are Macs.  No word on pricing nor availability dates.

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Any whitebook you build yourself now comes with only the Express Card slots (has been that way since April when I built my most recent notebook system. Thank God someone is finally coming out with cards for these. I am tired of lugging out my old huge notebook when I need to hook up my EVDO card. Now if I could only find one of the cards to order for my Verizon account.


There are several PCs with Express Card Slots. HP, Dell, IBM…. Most laptops with an Intel Duo Core CPU usually has one.


Dell B130s, XPS series laptops, some Sonys also have Express cards slots.
I learned the hard way after buying B130 for a user and it didn’t have a regular PC card slot.

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