UMPC skin for SlingBox: sneek peek


Umpc_skin1 While everyone at the MoTR meetup got to see us slinging TV from a SlingBox to the Samsung Q1, what they likely didn’t see was a skin designed for UMPCs. We kept it on the down-low because Sling hasn’t yet announced the skin for their beta player (v.1.2) just yet, but whispers on the street indicate an announcement as early as this week. After the jump are a few pics of the beta skin; I can tell you from personal user experience that the skin buttons are a good size for the touchscreen UMPCs.

From our observations, it looks like Sling revamped the Microsoft skin that they rolled out earlier in the year and made a few button tweaks for the UMPCs. Of interesting note: like so many other programs, the skin installation dialog box is just a tad too big for an 800 x 480 UMPC screen, so you’ll need to adjust your res for the installation.

(Thanks to Dave Zatz for the heads up!)



Above: a montage from Dave Zatz with photos and screen caps.


The skin on my Samsung Q1 at the native 800 x 480 resolution.



That’s a good news. Current skins are ok in my eo but an optimized one for UMPC sounds good!

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