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Spammers Hit Reddit Too

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Reddit, a fast growing community curated news site has been having troubles with spammers and voting bots, according to this post on their site. Apparently, spammers submit spam links and use bots to up-vote their stories. The Reddit team, if you read the comments on the post, is working hard to find solutions to combat these issues.

A few weeks ago, we had pointed out that had been hit by similar problems as well.

Bloggers, have faced these issues for a while, and only recently we have found some solutions that help cope with the problem. One such solution is Akismet. (We talked about Spam and its impact on the open media with Matt Mullenweg in a previous podsession here.)

8 Responses to “Spammers Hit Reddit Too”

  1. Mark’s right. While I can’t fault Sean for releasing Tag and Ping (believe me, someone else would have), it was like opening Pandora’s box.

    The only thing some marketers are concerned with is getting their pages in front of eyeballs with no regard for anyone or anything else.

    This spam problem is only going to get worse before it gets better, but hopefully the social networking sites will find a balance and T&P will fade away silently like B&P did.

    ~ Teli