Skype, Now On Your TV


Oregan Networks, a London-based company has released a Oregan Media Browser, which allows information such as Skype’s in-coming caller ID and message alerts to be displayed on the television screen. Cable companies and Microsoft’s telecom, have talked and demoed such capabilities, but mostly for their own VoIP offerings, leaving Skype out of the loop. While consumers can’t go out and get this product, since it is mostly for use inside the set-top boxes, it is nice to see that some people are thinking about extending Skype to non-PC devices. (Link Tip, David Zatz)



The thing Skype is really goog at is marketing. Well, and they are right.



This is indeed intriguing. If true then the Skype model has been changed. Does this mean the Skype client is running now in the STB? If so, shouldn’t Skype relase a version for the specific STB? Or is it somehow connected to the normal Skype client, which displays call information? My reading of the press release says that they have a browser for STBs and one use of which is displaying information like Skype call information.

I hope this is not another case of somebody attaching Skype to a press release to gain attention.

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