Reports of Tatung’s new Tablet PC are greatly exaggerated


Several sources including engadget are reporting on a “new” slate Tablet PC with an “innovative” detachable keyboard, the TTAB-A12D.  I hate to burst the bubble but I believe the new Tatung Tablet PC is the same as the Electrovaya Scribbler SC3100, which has been available for some time.  Electrovaya Tablet PCs are rebadged Tatung and the SC3100 has been chosen as a Laptop Magazine Editors’ Choice weeks ago.  The Scribbler uses a detachable keyboard that clips to the back of the SC3100 creating a true hybrid Tablet PC.  What is not clear about the Tatung version of the Scribbler is whether it will use the Electrovaya long life battery, which Electrovaya is famous for producing.  A great review of the Scribbler SC3100 can be found on the TabletPC2 web site.

Electrovay Scribbler SC3100

Electrovaya Sc3100

Tatung TAB-A12D

Tatung A12D




TTAB A12D is not the same device like the TTAB B12D; it’s the low cost model of the TTAB B12D but it have the same form factor and design of the B12D

Josh Einstein

The same keyboard came with my SC-2000 over 2 years ago which by the way looks exactly the same as the current Scribblers/Tatung that they’re selling today.

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