Microsoft Makes Creative Commons Easier But Pursues Stringent DRM For Itself

Our friend John Blossom looks at the way Microsoft is making Creative Commons licensing easier by adding it to Office even as it steps up anti-piracy/DRM efforts of its own. His take: “So at the same time that Microsoft is trying to encourage more flexible and friendly licensing for users’ intellectual property it is zeroing in on much tighter licensing restrictions on its own intellectual property. There’s nothing wrong with trying to do both, I suppose, but for the most part commercial companies setting up alliances with Creative Commons seem to be using it as window dressing to build up points with user-generated media folks while focusing mostly on mainstream publishers’ property for business deals to drive profits. … as the propagator of the main platform users employ to be global publishers Microsoft has more to gain in the long run from the hundreds of millions of individual and enterprise publishers than from a relative handful of media companies trying to exploit those same user platforms.”

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