Is there a market for Tablet OS on standard laptops?

Fujitsu6210_small_1I must still be tired from my travels, but I’ll let you be the judge. GottaBeMobile shares the news on Fujitsu’s B6210 notebook that can run the Tablet Edition of Windows XP for an additional $50. I’m not questioning the $50, I’m questioning the option itself. I think this is the second recent notebook that can run the Tablet OS, but does not have a swivel screen, so I’m wondering what’s the driving need for this? How well from a usability factor can a standard form laptop work with digital ink? How good can the user experience possibly be? With each press of the touchscreen, will the screen move backwards? I figure after about 30 on-screen taps, the screen and keyboard will be in complete horizontal alignment, achieving a total anti-Zen Yoga position in Tabletland.

Like I said, I must still be catching up on things, but I think having a Tablet option for a non-tablet is doing a disservice to the product. What’s the best possible outcome for these types of experiences? A few verticals and even fewer consumers will think this is the next best thing since the iPod, but I’m betting that most purchasers will be sorely disappointed and will unjustly bash the Tablet PC experience as a whole. Thoughts?



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