How to get 60 minutes of international calls for free


Skype_logo_2If you haven’t signed up for a SkypeOut account yet, you get a bonus for waiting. New SkypeOut customers that opt-in for Skype e-mail news get 60 minutes of free PC to landline international calls. I’ve had my SkypeOut account for some time and use it often; I find it invaluable when multitasking because it can use my USB headset and keep working on multiple PCs. The one hour of international calls are good for 30 specific countries and this deal supplements the free SkypeOut within the U.S. and Canada announced about a month ago.



Kevin C. Tofel

Oliver, I have used Skype on the Q1 with 3 different mic setups. First off, there’s no mic port because there is a dual array microphone built into the bottom face of the device. These work pretty well at following my voice and reducing background noise. I’ve also used my USB headset, which is a Plantronics DSP-400; call quality on that is always stunning. Lastly, a solid Bluetooth headset works fine as well. I’ve used my Motorola HS-820 and I’ve had no issues.

Anton P. Nym

I picked up an AX Bluespoon headset (Bluetooth) for, well, rilly-rilly cheap at a liquidators. I’ve tried it out with Skype on my Q1 and it works, but I’m still a bit shakey on using it. (It keeps dropping the pairing every time I turn it off; dunno if that’s me, the headset, or the Q1.)

In all honesty, though, the built-in mic array does the job as well as the headset unless the background is heinously loud. I’m going to have to experiment with using the mic array and headphones to see if that’s as private as the headset.

— Steve


Kevin, have you used Skype on your Q1? If so, any suggestions on a small portable microphone/headset? Given that the device doesn’t have a microphone port, I’d assume that a bluetooth headset would be best, assuming the BT stack on the Q1 supports the necessary profile?

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