eBook standards adopted


Idef_logoAfter several years of proprietary obstacles, it looks like the eBook industry is starting to wise up. Adobe, MobiPocket, Motricity, iRex and eBook Technologies are among the players that plan to adopt a non-proprietary eBook standard. The ultimate intent here is presumably to have a common standard format, like mp3’s are to music; other than .ogg, .wma, .aac, and….oh, you get the point. ;)

Most noteworthy out of the announcement is that the iRex Iliad is expected to support the new standards at some future point. Sony isn’t mentioned here, but you really didn’t expect to see them adopting an industry standard now, did you?

(via MobileRead)



Lorie Ghamy

There is too a nice freeware for books with video, flash, JPEG, text and interactivity …

Didapages (French and english). Light (1 Mo for the install file) , able to go on a USB Key, and free for non commercial use (200 € for commercial).

With Flash, you can zoom on each pages and grab and drag.


RTF for simple book and flash for multimedia book, quite simple…

Lorie Ghamy

Why looking after ebook standard ?

Keep them in RTF file format… Quite simple !

And use yBook freeware (from spacejock.com), like me on my Samsung Q1.

And get free ebook from Gutenberg Project. Ybook is abble to download book from this site.

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