Palm 700p and Lotus Notes: productivity and mobility?


Eric_mack_logo_1Premiere productivity guru Eric Mack shares some of his mobile tool tips and recommendations; I must confess: I read everything Eric writes. Even so, this particular article is worth sharing with others because Eric recommends his mobile productivity approach to that other productivity guru, David Allen. Eric opts for a Palm Treo 700p along with mNotes, a software application that provides synchronization capabilities with Lotus Notes. This approach works well on the road and is highly incorporated with David’s "Getting Things Done" framework.

I’m always on the lookout for mobile productivity tips under the GTD umbrella, so this setup is particularly interesting to me. Unfortunately, since I’m on Windows Mobile 5 / Exchange configuration, this isn’t an option for me. If you’re on the fence for which new Smartphone to buy however, you might want to read Eric’s article first; it just might sway you…unless you’re planning for non-productivity, that is. ;)


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