Blog Post Sued For $30 Million For Alleged Assault On Teen; Announces New Security Measures

You knew this was coming … is being sued for $30 million by a 14-year-old Texas girl who says she was sexually assaulted by someone she met via the site — and by her mother. They claim MySpace was negligent for not verifying ages of users and for failing to prevent strangers from contacting users under 16. The defendants are MySpace, parent News Corp. and Pete Solis, the 19-year-old accused of sexually assaulting the teen. The girl’s lawyer said the damages requested reflect 1 percent of the site’s estimated worth.
MySpace has been targeted lately by some state attorneys general and others who say the site isn’t doing enough to protect users.
Update: MySpace is scheduled to announce a slew of new safety/security features Wednesday, including heigtened measures for the 14-15 year old set, new options for privacy and age-approporiate as placement. Anyone over 18 who wants to contact members under 16 will need to know first and last names or the email address in order to connect. The changes follow the hiring of former federal proscutor Hemanshu Nigam as chief security officer.

2 Responses to “ Sued For $30 Million For Alleged Assault On Teen; Announces New Security Measures”

  1. nonabandit

    This isn't going to work. 'Predators' will always manage to sexually abuse children, unless the kids are better at taking care of themselves. It's that simple. You wouldn't lie, you wouldn't want to harm someone who's last name you know, but what if I know of someone and target that person in specific. Nobody can save that person then.
    And exactly how many parents know what their kids are up to while they're at work?
    Kids need education that is vastly different from what they're getting now.
    Consider this: Most kids who get assaulted, took that one really dangerous step purely because they had a really large appetite for adventure and, in fact liked the idea of dodgy ambiguity, thus paying little attention to good sense.

  2. The damages may reflect 1% of estimated finacial worth. How do you calculate the damage done by media spin, social distrust and parent anger?

    I believe preditors are a real threat to social networking and would like to correspond with people on best ways to prevent and block them.