Low tech mobility from American Express


Amex_butterflyHere’s a new twist on an old concept: remember when some of the credit card companies rolled out small versions of their cards that you put on a key-chain? Well, American Express is doing the same, but with a slight touch of elegance in design. I just received information from American Express explaining that I can complement my current card with a "butterfly". At first, I thought the butterfly would make all of my charge card bills fly away, but no such luck. ;)

The butterfly is a classy looking key-chain that houses an American Express card inside of the key-chain. The card actually folds in half to fit inside; you can just pull out the half with the magnetic swipe strip or you can remove the card from the case and unfold it to full size. I tend to carry as few cards as possible and I always carry my keys, so this might persuade me to drop my card case in lieu of the butterfly.




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Tim Marman

Yeah… I had this waiting for me when I got home last night. I have a feeling I’m going to get one – to help with the impulse purchases ;)

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