Indian Listing And Review Website Burrp Gets Angel Funding

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Burrp Inc., a yet-to-be launched local listings and review website focused on metropolitan cities in India, has raised an undisclosed amount of angel funding, reports PE Week Wire. There is no information about the backers. From their website:

“…our mission is to help you make better choices when it comes to your social activities. Who do you trust with recommending the right spots? How do you find them? And once you’ve visited them, how do you spread the word to others? From chaat stands and paan wallas to nightclubs and restaurants; from art galleries and movie theaters to concerts and special events; and everything in between, Burrp! will be your voice. Go ahead, let it out.

It looks like a consumer review website based on user-generated content.
Burrp also has a blog here. The Burrp team moved into their offices in the Lokhandwala area of Andheri (West), Mumbai, last week. Now they are looking for two Java developers – details here.

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