First annual MobileTechRoundup meet and greet in NYC a huge success


Last night the MobileTechRoundup podcast gang got together in New York City and geeked out for a few hours and it was a blast.  This meetup was particularly fun as Kevin, Dave and I have never met in real life and we met up for dinner with Dave Zatz.  I don’t believe a collection of hot mobile devices has ever been assembled in one place anywhere.  The meetup was amazing as we had people come in from as far away as Washington DC and Connecticut just to geek out with us.  Dave has posted a nice recap of the evening including some photos and a really cool video.  Here’s a couple of photos to get you over to his site to check out all the rest:

Motr meetup

Dave, James, Kevin

Motr meetup 2

DualCor cPC, Sony UX50, Sony u71P, Motorola Q, Samsung Q1, XV6700, iPod something or other

Here’s the video link



Kevin C. Tofel

Nope, my XV6700 was “the hotspot”. The EVDO phone was USB tethered to the Q1 and we were getting between 700 and 900 kbps on the download speed. The Slingbox was actually about 60 miles away in New Jersey at Dave C.’s house. I believe his upload speed is much higher than 128 kbps.


about slingplayer. did you connect to the local hot spot at this bar or did you connect directly to the evdo? the reason i ask is the video quality was outstanding!. i don’t get that great of quality with my evdo. anyway maybe it has to do with my home network uploading speed. my uploading speed is only 128k. what is jk’s??


cspace> Thanks !
jk> It’s even better then pictures ! :-)


Thomas, I don’t think any photos were taken of the two devices alone but if you check out my unboxing video I put the two together to compare the sizes.

Kevin C. Tofel

Mesapilot: With the Samsung Q1 last night, I used the BatteryGeek battery model BL-16-19-130 that I don’t see on their site currently. I do have two other batteries from them and both work with the Samsung Q1 as well, the models are: BG-14-18-118 and BG 15-21-130; the difference being power capacity and price. Both are shown on their site. The BatteryGeek batteries come with a handful of tips & connectors so that you can potentially use the battery with multiple devices, provided that they have similar power requirements. At 130 W/Hrs, I can easily get through a full day without my AC adapter. Thanks for hitting us first; does that mean we have to get up earlier to post more morning stories? ;)



Can you give us some more details on the charger from After all of your great posts on the Q1 I bit the bullet and bought one. I will be heading to Hawaii next month and am in desperate need of some more juice. Please let us know what the model number is and what connector you are using. By the way, your site has become the first site I visit each day!

Yolanda Villa

I knew I’d be so regretfull today that I couldn’t be there. I absolutely would have taken a train to NYC to join in, had it not been for an evening class last night that I couldn’t afford to miss. I hope there’s a next time some time in the future! Great video.


Very nice ! One little question. I’am using SONY U750P any want to buy a new SONY UX50. Any pics to compaire screen and global size of these both PCs ?


Man, I dream about sitting at a table with all those gadgets. To bad I’m in Chicago.

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