Doberman alarm for mobile gear protection


Bagproblue_1After traveling from Philly to Orlando to Philly to NYC to Philly over the past two days, I realized just how much I carry my gear bag around. After all, it is my precious…..and you don’t just leave "the precious" lying around somewhere do you?

This Doberman alarm could have allowed me to take a load off and actually set my gear bag down at the various venues. I likely wouldn’t have gone far from my bag (I never do), but the motion sensor in this alarm might set me at ease a bit. After attaching the alarm to your precious, you set it with a numeric code and simply walk away. If the protected item moves at all, the alarm’s motion sensor will set off a 100-decibel sound to alert you. Of course if you pack your gear bag with heavy items on the top, I’d expect plenty of false alarms, so be sure to pack your precious properly. Unfortunately for me, this alarm isn’t available until next month; looks like I’ll be carrying my bag for a bit yet.

(via TRFJ)


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