Cingular Wireless Bets on VOD; Buys Long-Form Ads


Cingular Wireless has kicked off a big multinetwork VOD ad buy, started in April and ending later this year, which should see others follow suit: it has bought across TV VOD services such as RipeTV, Havoc, Music Choice, Concert and TV Guide. In addition, Cingular spots are currently bookending many of the movie trailers that operators such as Comcast run on VOD.
For this, Cingular crafted a series of longer-form ads that were sculpted specifically for VOD and online, including on Disney’s streamed shows on
The upside to VOD advertising is that it affords marketers the chance to tailor their spots and to only pay for what’s seen, according to Ripe CEO Ryan Magnussen. Ads are sold on a cost-per-view basis, he said. Ripe counts a view anytime a viewer stays tuned in for more than five seconds. The average minutes viewed on Ripe is 4.6, a hearty number considering the average Ripe show lasts about five minutes.

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