TUAW: No Boot Camp for Get a Mac Ads

TUAW posted an observation that Apple’s Get a Mac campaign page mentions Parallel’s and not Boot Camp.

Oh, how do I say this? Duh? Apple wouldn’t recommend their software for these reasons:

    Boot Camp is a public beta, something that a new customer probably wants to avoid to have a trouble-free experience. Frankly, setting up Boot Camp is a bit of a chore for the new Mac user. Reccomending it to this crowd would be murder.
    Parallels isn’t set to expire after Leopard is release. What? Yes, that’s right. Boot Camp is prebuilt with an expiry date. Besides, I find that many customers prefer Parallels over Boot Camp because rebooting all the time is one of the reasons they switched. Apple did NOT mention Parallels without reservation before it reach release status. Now that it is a ‘real’ product, it is a solution that can be used without much liability.

Speculate all you want about 10.5 and the reasons the Get a Mac site doesn’t bring up Boot Camp as a solution. Until it is announced exactly what Apple plans to include in Leopard, rumors are what they are. The real truth is that Boot Camp isn’t a good solution for the audience they are targeting here.


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