Sounds Like Old Media: Content For Many Created By A Few

We’ll skip the argument over Wikipedia’s intrinsic value or its validity as a research source and head straight to the point Donna Bogatin picked up on as she read the NYT’s latest over-the-top coverage: the contributor to “freeloader” ratio. User-gen/social media relies on the contributions of a few to inform or entertain the many — somewhat like the media outlets and entertainment companies they want to do end runs around. The differerence: more self-selection and fewer barriers to entry.
Bogatin: “From Wikipedia to, and from YouTube to Riya, both not-for-profit endeavors and purely commercial enterprises are staking their entire existence on user-generated content that is unreliable, inconsistent and difficult to come by. The average YouTube user is watching the content, not generating it, ‘while more than 35 million videos are viewed daily, only 35,000 are uploaded’ and at Riya photo search, ‘searchers outnumber the uploadersâ