Real Estate TV Goes Mobile, Reaches US

Dubai-based Al Aqariya, a free-to-air property-themed entertainment channel that airs Real Estate TV on satellite and cable in Europe and the Middle East is making the jump to mobile, streaming its shows live. It also has plans on the 10 million-strong US Arabic-speaking market, signing a deal with Vimio for distribution there.
I think real estate is a fairly local phenomenon, it’s hard to imagine people watching a regular show about real estate in another country…although I haven’t seen the show so it could be broadly relevant. Anyway, if you were going to pick one country besides your own to look at Real Estate it would be Dubai in the UAE, which is having an unbelievable amount of money poured into construction there…it makes the Shanghai effort look half-hearted. If you’re not familiar with The Palms you should be.