Nokia Content Discoverer

Nokia is continuing to use content to differentiate its handsets from competing brands (both handset brands and telcos). It has launched the Nokia Content Discoverer on S60 and Series 40 phones…it’s embedded on 8 handsets with another 6 planned to ship with it embedded by 2006. It’s the next stage of Preminet and provides a series of “shopping malls” run by the operator, content aggregator and branded content providers.
“Nokia Content Discoverer, representing the evolution of Nokia’s end-to-end Preminet content discovery and delivery ecosystem for mobile service providers, affords mobile subscribers easy access to downloadable content through a collection of shopping mall “stores” run by their mobile network operator, leading content aggregators and branded content providers.” Some global partners have already signed up for the portal — Handango, Jamster and Nokia Software Market.
An interesting (and useful) facet of the portals are the deals Nokia has made with local content aggregators. This provides localized content, of course, but just as importantly means that the companies involved in the mobile stores know the market, they know what type of content the users want to buy.
“Today’s announcement of the provision of localized content and applications for Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East through Nokia Content Discoverer includes content aggregation agreements with Taiwan-based PocketNet Technology and Auer Media & Entertainment, Indonesia-based PT Hypermind and Elasitas, Australia-based Mobilemode, Toulouse, France-based Index Multimedia, Future Communications Company in Kuwait, and Dubai-based Itsalat International. Additional content aggregation agreements for the Asia-Pacific (APAC), Middle East and Africa (MEA), European, and North American markets are expected to follow throughout 2006.” More companies are listed in the release.
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