Sony readies new pocket projectors

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Sony projector handProfessionals who travel a lot to make presentations as part of the job will tell you that lugging a projector is the worst part of the job.  Carrying them on the plane, lugging them in taxis, everything about travelling with projectors is no fun.  Sony hopes to change all that with a new LED projector they are claiming to be the world’s smallest LED projector and from the looks of it that just might be accurate.  The unnamed pocket projector is extremely tiny and uses 14 LEDs to create an image big enough to project in a normal setting.  One look at the size of this thing should get you all excited if you are one of the road warriors I described.  Imagine if your biggest problem with mobile presentations is remembering to pack the projector because it’s so small.

Sony projector sized

(newlaunches via Mobile Magazine)


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This is great! Let’s hope they can reduce the price in addition to the size…

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