Productivity contest winners announced on jkOnTheRun


PartyThe time to announce the six winners of the jkOnTheRun productivity contest is at hand and before I make the announcement I must say that I have never seen such quality productivity advice in any one place before.  The entries are stellar and I can’t stress how difficult it was to choose the winners.  You folks who entered are some of the most seriously productive people I have encountered.  But that’s not what you’re here for so let’s get this party started!  Here are the winners, broken down by machine type:


  • Al
  • cybercode (Blake Shannon)
  • nikoo

These three were the only entries by Mac owners so they were a shoe-in to win. 

Windows XP

  • Isbeller (Steve Beller)
  • Charlene Barina
  • Robert Burdock

These six people are the winners of MindManager Pro, kindly donated for the contest by Mindjet.  Please send me your email address and full name and I will forward it to the proper person at Mindjet.  They will send you a full license key once they have your information.  Thanks for participating everybody!



Ray Le Couteur

Well, for those that didn’t get Mindmanager – I started using Mindmanager Pro and never really got into Mindmaps.

Now I use Freemind and am hooked. OK – less features, maybe not so pretty BUT fast and intuitive with great keyboard shortcuts and most of all can be used anywhere.


Congrats to the winners! :) I’m still figuring out how to fit mind mapping into my “workflow”, so I’m fine with using up the rest of my MindManager trial, and switching to FreeMind afterwards. Actually, with RitePen installed (which I’m just about ready to pay for, I like it so much) using FreeMind isn’t that bad. I really wish I could ink out topics, but for the light usage I foresee so far, it’s good enough. :) I will continue to try them both out and try to write up a comparison!

Robert Burdock

Oh My God guys!!
What can I say except THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I’m a massive fan of mindmapping and have always looked at MindManager with hungry eyes but sadly the price has always been a bit too much for me…now, thanks to generosity of you guys (and MindJet), I can dive into it headfirst wahooo!!

Thanks again for giving me a wonderful Sunday morning surprise (it’s actually my birthday today too)


Seems like if you were serious, and a windows user you didn’t have a chance, but any old mac person could write anything, like Freemind is good enough for me, and win. Too bad, I have wanted MindManager for a long time. I use Freemind and it is NOT good enough for me.

Congrats to all the windows winner.

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