3D Animated Football Shorts…As Ads

Animalada has created a series of comedic 3D animated video shorts to sell via mobile…they’re called Big Shot and are about football (which is unsurprising during the World Cup). There’s an example of an episode on the site, although the small version is 27Mb so I’m guessing it’s not the same format as you’d see on the mobile.
That’s reasonably standard — the interesting part is that Animalada has made it so the shorts can be used as advertising. Interested parties can put up advertising on the field signs in the clips and on the players sportswear…which takes good advantage of the digital aspect of the clips.
The series is being distributed throughout Europe by Ohm:TV and has been taken up by a number of telcos and content vendors, although I’m unsure how many of them are making use of the advertising capabilities.

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