Serious Problems or Sensationalism?

As the issue of discoloring white MacBooks circulates the internet, and as a would-be buyer of the MacBook, my eyes are peeled to the screen to see how the issue plays out. I know by the volume of page views and comments to these threads, that I’m not the only one. But it’s got me thinking about a potentially larger issue.

A few months back there was a blog posted about a bad experience with PriceRitePhoto. The power of the internets combined and mob rule broke the business down as they saw fit. Then slightly more recently, a lady lost her camera while on vacation. A family contacted her that they’d found it, but had given it to her son and wouldn’t return it. Readers of her blog repeatedly asked for information to be able to take out their mob justice on the ethically-challeneged family.

The internet is a big place yet a single person’s voice can be very clearly heard. A ‘damsel in distress’ is something that people flock to with the intent of righting all the wrongs brought on them in the past. Whatever, put all that aside for a moment. Let’s focus on something less philisophical and more on-topic with this site – Apple’s MacBook.

There’s a seriously long thread about the discoloration of the white MacBooks over at Apple’s Support site. I haven’t taken the time to tally the folks who’ve actually responded with the discoloration issue, so this isn’t a fact-based, hard target search sort of deal, but the actual number of affected notebooks seems sort of small. This is in NO WAY lessening the issue these consumers have experienced. But, everything being relative – in this case, the size of the internet compared to the discolored’s responses – is the MacBook Discoloration an epidemic that all consumers need worry about, or merely a matter of the vast internet bringing the handful of unfortunate incidents together in one thread?

Of course the many blogs only serve to perpetuate the issue, making it seem that much worse by plastering it everywhere (for a day or so it seemed to be every 5th title in my RSS feeds). But that’s what we’re all here for, isn’t it? Have an experience, write about it, discuss it until it’s been beaten to death several times, rinse, repeat.

On the topic that prompted this diatribe, I sincerely hope it’s nothing more than a few isolated discolorations by unlucky consumers. It hasn’t deterred me from planning my own white MacBook purchase. (Though I have pre-emptively ordered the MacBook Invisible Shield from Shield Zone.) But whatever the nature of the issue, be mindful of the power of the collective internet. Use these red flags in a way that best suit your needs and measure them accordingly. Be informed. Be smart.


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