Samsung Q1 action shots


jkOnTheRun reader Uli Suratos saw the video of Kevin unboxing his Samsung Q1 and just had to get one.  He sent me some photos of his Q1 in action and I wanted to share these for those who just can’t get enough Q1 information.  Thanks Uli!


Yep, it’s mounted in the car!


Not just any car, that’s a Beemer.  :)


Mobile presentation.




This last photo was the “killer App” for me getting a Q1. I’m going to be traveling to teach a class soon, so I’m hoping to bring just the Q1 as my presentation machine. That VGA port is what clinched the deal.


i used proclip mounting on the car and used the mount of the organizer. yup, dismanteled it because its 150 less than the real car mount which is not even compatible to the dash.


thats exactly what these things should be used as…in the car. sure you execs can do your little work on the go but the ultimate thrill is having your entire music library at the palm of your hands via a touch screen interface. no need for twenty plus cd’s thrown all over the car getting scratched up. o yeah AND you can take the computer with you back to your home unlike some in dash computer systems. nobody can steal it if its not in your car anymore!!!


Looks great. What type of mount did you use for the car?

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