Migo or Ceedo- borrow a PC with impunity


Olga of Tabletology recently had a failure of her HP tc1100 Tablet PC and as Murphy dictates it happened just before a trip to Paris (we’re all jealous).  She reached out for suggestions on what she can do and I recommended a program I have used, Migo.  Olga decided to use a similar program, Ceedo, because it was already installed on a flash drive she owned.  Migo and Ceedo have similar claims that they recreate the user settings and accounts you enjoy on your normal PC and put them on a flash drive.  When you have to work on a borrowed PC you plug in the flash drive and it recreates your normal work environment so it’s business as usual.  Olga had trouble with Ceedo and it didn’t work for her which is too bad.  Fortunately for her someone loaned her another tc1100 and saved her trip and as she stated this is indeed the ultimate sacrifice for someone to make.

Ceedo was recently reviewed by David Pogue of the New York Times who points to similar problems running some software and that the developers are working on fixes running Outlook under Ceedo.  Outlook portability is the main reason I would use such a program like this and was one of the things I liked best about Migo.  I used Migo installed on my iPod which let me use other PCs and still have my Outlook settings and email.  I have never tried Ceedo but was quite happy using Migo so I would recommend checking out both programs to see which one would work best for you.



Mojopac Evangelism Team

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Migo and other programs like it do more than email. They set up your browser with all of your bookmarks, links etc. More importantly, they will bring all you documents too and keep all of this synced with your main PC.


couldn’t you just use the free portable thunderbird????


I tried various versions of Migo some time ago and never could get it to work properly — no doubt, due to improper use on my part (although, at the time the “manual” was very “unhelpful,” in my opinion). I ended up using an application called DmailerSync. They’ve updated the product regularly and in its current version it works very well as an Outlook replacement on a USB stick when I’m on the road. Combine that with other key PortableApps and I can do pretty much anything with my USB stick and another PC.

I actually depend on my Palm TX (using KeySuite and Agendus Mail) as my primary Outlook replacement on the road, and DmailerSync is a nice alternative if something were to happen to my Palm.

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