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CMP is one of the largest online publishers serving the technology sector and is the publisher of many print magazines and online information sources.  One of their biggest publications is InformationWeek (caution, audio and video play on opening) which covers the technology segment in both print and online.  I have recently contributed an article for InformationWeek which should appear on the web site in a week or two so keep an eye out for the article by yours truly.  I won’t spoil it by telling you what the article is about but it’s a safe bet it is mobile tech related.  I hope this is the first of many articles I write for them as regular contributions have been discussed.  I’ll post a link to the article when it appears.  I am really pumped about working with InformationWeek, can you tell?




Kevin C. Tofel

I didn’t get a chance to publicly send my congrats since I was away. I just renewed my IW subscription, so I can’t WAIT to see if they put that big cartoon head in print!! ;) Seriously, this is fantastic news for James AND the readers of IW! Way to go, dude!


Thanks everybody! I am really pumped about this opportunity and hope everyone likes the article(s).

Dennis Rice

Well, looks like they just raised the bar for high quality content at Info Week!

Now I get to tell everyone, “Hey! I know that guy!”

Looking forward to it JK! Congrats. It’s nice to see the recognition come your way. As we do this stuff on a day to day basis, you wonder at times if anyone is listening. Looks like they are, huh? :-)

Frank McPherson

I always dreamed of writing for Byte. InformationWeek is one of the few tech mags left in paper.


Congrats, JK! Just don’t forget about all of us “little people”…

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