Hindustan Lever Launches Rich Media Viral Campaign On The Net

Hindustan Lever (the Indian arm of Unilever) has launched a rich-media viral campaign for its Clinic All Clear shampoo. The viral can be watched here – Makeyourmoves.com. The viral microsite is created by BC Web Wise, a Mumbai-based online advertising boutique. I logged on and spent some time on it. I was impressed; a lot of efforts have gone into it.
Take a look at it yourself, you can have some fun (in the sense, flirt a bit) with the member of opposite sex. The idea seems to be innovative since there is extensive use of video. Says Chaya Brian Carvalho, CEO & MD of BC Web Wise, “This idea came about as we felt the real potential of video was still not fully exploited in the Indian web space and it is rich media that really engages the youth. This viral is truly a first of its kind.”
Vipul Chawla, Category head, Hair Care, HLL, said that the campaign is different from many others currently online since it’s not a blatant push of products like others do through designated ‘fun zones’.
Makeyourmoves.com is believed to have already received 5000 registrations, 200,000 user sessions (of 18 minutes each) and 1.4 million page views, BC Web Wise claimed in a release.