Weird Al getting shafted

This is interesting to learn that ~surprise!~ the record labels are giving artists the shaft with digital downloads. Considering that it costs them virtually nothing to distribute downloads, one would think they would pass the buck (no pun intended) to the artists.

Yet, Weird Al comments on his site that he makes far less cash on downloads versus physical media, as in 85% less!

You might see article titles pointing the blame for this at Apple, which I don’t agree with. Apple is incurring a large cost to run the store and according to the report takes 35%. It seems fair in my view, but the problem is the rest is sent to the appropriate labels who then divide it up even more. I’ve not seen any data that suggests Apple is gouging the artists in their take of profiting from iTMS operations. In fact, the author agrees that 35% seems fair.

I feel for you Al and other artists in the same predicament. What can we do to balance the scales with the iTMS? Sure the simple answer is to buy physical media, but does that really fix anything in the downloaded music market?


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