Goodbye ActiveSync, you will be missed not at all


This is the coolest thing I have read today (from the Windows Vista Team Blog):

Windows Vista Beta 2 features built-in support for Windows Mobile-powered devices for the very first time with the new Windows Mobile Device Center. Instead of installing ActiveSync to use our devices, our device drivers are now part of Windows Vista. Due to this built-in functionality, installation of ActiveSync is blocked.

Windows Mobile Device Center can perform “Guest” functionality similar to ActiveSync, but with some new and exciting features. With Windows Mobile Device Center, you will be able to browse your device, synchronize media using Windows Media Player, and even play media files and view pictures and documents directly from the device. Our devices will be able to connect with Windows Vista via Bluetooth, USB or infrared.

An update to the Windows Mobile Device Center will be available shortly on Windows Update. With this update, you will be able to create partnerships and synchronize your Windows Mobile-powered device with Outlook. Stay tuned!

Yes, yes, yes!  The vile ActiveSync will live no more!

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Roland Castelino

good news tat active sync will be gone…….

but with windows vista, will i be able to connect 2 Windows Mobile devices at the same time to my PC?

active sync does not allow this feature though………………i hope vista does.


Yes, Goodbye activesync and also goodbye to the devices that still work and need to sync over a serial cable.

While Activesync would allow you to sync over serial connection (Com1, Com2) the Windows Mobile Device Center does not support this feature.
Customers now have to decide if they will use Windows Vista and forget about some mobile Pocket Pcs and Handhelded Pc’s or continue With Windows XP and Activesync.


I upgraded AS 3.8 to 4.1 after I received my PPC-6700 last week. I can’t remember being as p.o.’d with AS in the past as I am now. Basically it works when it wants to, and it rarely wants to. I do remember sometimes having to reset my old Axim to get it to talk, occasionally having to reboot my PC, but it is totally ridiculous, now, sometimes refusing to do anything after restarting both devices, then inexplicably working the next day. Please, let there soon be a light at the end of the cable!

I hate rebooting more than once a week, and I will not do it for ActiveSync. Thank goodness it syncs ok with my Exchange Server most of the time; I’ll just keep emailing cab files to myself.

Rick Mahn

As much as some dislike ActiveSync, many mobile devices don’t even have something approaching it. For all its failings, AS does work as advertised, even with some of its quirks.

As for the built-in functionality in Vista, it works quite well with the T-Mobile MDA. The code is most likely built on the AS4 engine, as the sync time was comparable Just my $.02.


Doesn’t matter what it is or isn’t as by the time Vista launches the feature will have been removed like every other cool thing MS has been promising for years about Vista -that’s Vista with a V for vapor wear.


I’m all for wishing Active Sync a happy after life, may it’s source code rest someplace at 7200 rpm and never be accessed again.


I was going to say a similar thing to Josh. ActiveSync is still there….it’s just not CALLED that anymore.. :P


feels like a way to force people onto Vista
likely there will be features that is not available if u stay with XP.. sigh.

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