Dual Core Motion Tablet PCs coming?


I would love to see the Motion LE1600 ship a Core Duo version of their slate, although that might present space problems cramming all that power in that slim slate.  Craig Pringle is at TechEd and asked a Motion rep when they will ship a Core Duo Motion and was told by the end of the year.  I sure hope that holds up, I could really go for that.  Motion- need beta testers?




A rep at Motion indicated that the Core Duo processors eat up too much power and that they were waiting for Intel to come out w/ an ultra low voltage chip… Anybody have an idea of what chip might be comming out and when? I’d love a tablet w/ built in EVDO and a faster processor.


jk/kt — as always, doing a great job here…keep it comin’ — dg

I own an M1400va…a GREAT product, by the way. I’ve been totally satisfied with it for the last couple of years, but with all of the recent advances in miniaturization and the new duo core line I believe it’s approaching time for a cool change. It’s great to hear that Motion Computing is making plans to pimp their ride, because I’d say they’re falling behind the curve. A source mentioned to me that integrated WWAN is on the drawing board, but they eluded to Q1’07 for that. I just don’t know if I’ve got enough self-control to hold out that long. But, I do have a lot of loyalty to their brand, and I still think that the LS800 is a great design to build upon. Imagine the LS800 w/integrated EVDO and a duo core processor (Ka-ching). Is it just me, or is all of this bleeding-edge tech keeping you up at night, hitting the refresh button on your browser, anxiously waiting for just the right combo? The UX is just amazing…but, they f’d it up with the EDGE built-in. Where’s my CF-EVDO card?? AAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!! Grrr.

Yeah, yeah…I COULD upgrade my Treo 650 for a 700p, but that’s more money, and I’ve already got an EVDO PC card. Which reminds me, I’m still mad at those guys at Dual-Cor for getting me all pumped up about the holy grail device. Ugh.

But, all-in-all, these are definitely fast times in the power-user world. I’ll keep my powder dry for just a while longer.

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