Wireless ultra-compact keyboard & mouse for $30


Gyration_kb_mouseNormally, I wouldn’t highlight a product from Woot due to the time-sensitive nature of their offerings, but this could be useful for quite a few mobile tech users out there. Woot currently has the Gyration Ultra Compact Keyboard Suite for $29.99 plus shipping. The package includes a compact keyboard and mouse; it looks like the wireless usage is via RF, so I’d guess there is a USB receiver. The mouse has a gyroscope in it for "off the desktop" use as well.

Note that this product is a refurb; that might not scare you away, but it’s worth a mention. This could be a nice, inexpensive addition to a UMPC or other mobile computing device at this price. Happy shopping!



Mr Bob

I love Gyration products, and I’ve worn out many of them through my enthusiastic usage. But, there are MAJOR problems at Gyration right now, and it might be a good idea to stay away from them for a while.

I just bought several Gyration refurbished mice from the company’s website. After I bought them, I noticed that I had only been charged for shipping. When I received them, the first one I opened was defective, and I assumed that they were clearing their inventory to make room for their new M2000 mouse. Later, I received angry emails and phone calls from the company’s Sales Administrator, Cecily Russell, telling me to pay them more money or else. It turns out that the refurbished mice were priced incorrectly, and now she insinuates that I’m facing the wrath of their legal department. They say that I “hacked” their website by clicking the “back” button at some point while buying from them. This gives a new meaning to the warning “Buyer Beware”, at least when you’re buying from Gyration (now known as Movea).

Gyration Customer

How do I contact you? I’ve got a horror story about buying from Gyration.


I saw this at Fry’s sellimg for 299.99. They must of put the decimal in the wrong place!


I think they are not showing the hockey puck that holds the antenna that plugs into the usb port. But that mouse is tempting for presentations.

Dave Zatz

I’ve used this model (or something similar) when powering a HTPC connected to projector. Excellent RF range and compact enough to toss on/under the coffee table. Using the gyroscopic remote in space/3D was also pretty useful when lounging on the couch, not needing a hard surface. The mouse dock/charger acts as the USB receiver. Hmmm… maybe I need to repurchase. For something. :)

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