Sumocat’s Tabletscape theory and the Kendrick corollary

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SumocatWhat are the odds of using logic in two posts back to back. C’mon, there’s gotta be a freeware app somewhere for this! Sumocat the Wise (also known as the Initial Ink Blogger in some parts) has mind-mapped his theory that Warner Crocker is the center of the Tabletscape. It’s quite a compelling theory now that Warner has joined the GottaBeMobile tablet-crime fighting team of Rob and Dennis. For those that have only seen the MindJet MindManager visual mind-maps, you might want to see an organized text output version that is often overlooked when folks discuss MindManager; Sumocat provides the theorem proof here.

Let’s not miss the Kendrick corollary here either. Ever the intelligent, inquisitive ink-blogger, Sumocat bases his Tabletscape Theory with the starting point that James Kendrick is the "All-Father of Mobile Computing". As wise a choice as King Solomon himself would make, Sumocat; if not wiser. If I could respectfully request one thing it would be to change the title to "Grandfather" of mobile computing. It seems more appropriate for one reason or another. ;)

(via GottaBeMobile)


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Mark Sumimoto (Sumocat)

I have been informed that James would appreciate not being called the “grandfather” of mobile computing. However, I agree it would be appropriate. Perhaps we should put it to a vote. :)

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