Sony UX-50 trumps UMPCs before they even get going


Ux50_1 A bold statement from Digital Trends, but one that has merit. In fact, they review the Sony UX-50 and give the ultra-portable computer a 9 out of 10, citing only two major cons: pricing and confusion between the U.S, and Japanese models.

The review starts off strong with comments like this: "The Sony VAIO UX50 trumps the Microsoft Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) initiative before it even gets off the ground. Not content to just run with the crowd, Sony reminds us all that they were doing UMPC since before UMPC was even an acronym in Intel’s techy little dreams." I would be hard pressed to argue with that, based on Sony’s previous generation of mobile computer, the U-series, which debuted in 2002!

Digital Trends includes some benchmarking statistics, which I hope to use for future comparison purposes against the Samsung Q1. There’s little doubt in my mind that with a weaker hardware configuration, the UX will clearly outperform the Q1; however, some of you have asked for benchmark specs so we’ll give it a go. In the meantime, check out the detailed review at Digital Trends.



Ben Reierson

If the UX is anything like the U70,U750P there is no way you’ll be able to upgrade the memory. In fact, I think the memory might be soldered on in the UX.

So what I’d really lik eto see is a benchmark of a 1GB Q1 vs. a stock UX. Even better, show them running Vista.


I was reading a while back when Kevin took apart his Sammy Q1 and upgraded the memory to a gig. Would such an upgrade be possible in the new Sony UPC’s? upping it from 512 to a gig would definetly make this thing even more of a powerhouse and I imagine it would open up a range of possiblities (perhaps a little gaming would be in order with the shared graphics now taking a smaller piece of the ram pie) also this could make photoshop and other ram intensive apps run a little nicer. any ideas?



The UX I have shows exceptional signal strength, as good as my U50 and Tablet PC.


I LOVED my CLIE UX50 and imagine the Sony VAIO UX devices are constructed of the same high quality with very cool features. However, a couple of things in the review cause me to pause and think that the Samsung Q1 is a smarter purchase for me personally. I don’t think either of the cameras is worth using as I never use a webcam and have much better cameras on my phones. While a thumb keyboard is nice, I look at the Q1 as an extremely portable slate Tablet PC and with ritePen’s ability to write anywhere on the display it does well in this regard. I was also concerned with the comment that the UX has “relatively weak Wi-Fi performance”. On the Samsung Q1 I am testing right now I was actually picking up WiFi hotspots that others using Dell and HP laptops could not sniff out and am very impressed with its range.

I was thinking of saving for the UX, but with the Q1 and other UMPC devices at about half the cost I am sticking with them for now since they meet my needs.

Michael Venini

Aren’t UMPCs suppose to be cheap consumer devices? The Sony is in it’s own class called UPC.

How can Sony trump UMPCs, when it hasn’t made a UMPC?

Sony is $1799 vs. UMPC $900 – $1100.

You cannot compare the UX50 tot he current UMPCs. I’m not saying the Sony UPC is bad in anyway, it looks sweet. But to me, it’s not a UMPC.

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