Samsung SGH-i320 to kill Q that will kill Blackberry?

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Sghi320_1 Twenty years from now, I expect we’ll see a movie entitled "The Smartphone Wars" because everyone is now claiming the "killer" phone. Akihabara News has some pics of the Q-killer from Samsung, the SGH-i320 Windows Mobile 5 handheld. Of course, the Q is supposed to "kill" the Blackberry, so if we use a little transitive-logic, the Samsung entry "kills" the Blackberry too.

Anyway, this little number has a similar form factor to the Q although the buttons look a little smaller and it appears that the jog-dial is replaced with an up / down rocker. Or is that ROKR? I’m so confused…

In my confusion, I’m even wondering if this screen appears VGA-ish; I think it would be overkill as QVGA on a Smartphone is good enough. It could be my poor eyes, but that screen looks pret-t-ty clear to me. We’ll see when the phone comes out unless the movie goes straight to DVD first.

UPDATE: Unwired View is reporting that the FCC has approved this phone for the U.S.


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That is one sweet looking phone.
And apparently is not the dumbed down ‘smartphone’ Os?

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