Last day to enter the contest and win a copy of MindManager!

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If you haven’t already submitted your productivity tip to enter the contest to win a copy of MindManager then what are you waiting for?  Today is the last day with the six winners to be announced tomorrow so get productive before it’s too late.  If you intended to enter before the last minute but haven’t gotten around to it then you should also read all the great productivity tips that have been entered.  You’ll be sure and get things done quicker in the future.    Don’t forget that we are giving away three Windows versions of MindManager and three Mac versions so you Mac users better get cracking.

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Brian Jarvis

Sometimes I find myself putting off some of life’s less-desirable tasks. There are lots of tips floating around out there about how to stop procrastinating, but I have found two that work particularly well for me that I thought I would share.

Commit to just 15 minutes
Tell yourself that you’re going to work on that task you’ve been putting off for just 15 minutes. If at the end of 15 minutes, your attitude hasn’t changed, you’re free to change tasks as well (consider this a good start and take another 15 minute swing at it later). If however, at the end of 15 minutes, you have found that the task isn’t really all that bad after all, keep going and knock it out. I’m always amazed at how much I can get done in a very short time if I stay focused.

Reward yourself
I have an acquaintance who is as fit as a fiddle, but wasn’t always. The way he finally motivated himself to start regularly exercising…no kidding…was to reward himself with a banana split every time he worked out. At first he knew it was counterproductive, but over time, the exercise became reward in itself and he cut out the banana splits. Years later, he is in excellent shape and gives the banana splits all the credit. This same principle applies to almost anything. If, for example, you’ve been putting off that monthly status report, tell yourself that after you get it done, you can spend a half hour reading from jkOnTheRun!

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