Center of the Tabletscape and All-Father of Mobile Computing named


The center of all ink bloggers, Sumocat, has declared Warner Crocker to be the Center of the Tabletscape, a well deserved title that appears to be largely honorary.  Warner has recently joined GottaBeMobile, a move that Dennis and Rob must be very thrilled about in light of Warner receiving yet another award.  I am honored to be deemed the All-Father of Mobile Computing by Sumocat although I think he is overlooking many, many people, but hey, that’s their loss.  Sumo points out that the Tabletscape is a subset of Mobile Computing so I guess that makes me Warner’s boss.  Thanks Sumocat!  I also thank you for not deeming me to be the Grandfather of Mobile Computing.  That would just hurt. 



Mark Sumimoto (Sumocat)

So grand is the Crocker Theory it has caused the first incidence of parallel blog posts on jkOnTheRun! It is akin to the Pythagorean Theorem (Kevin’s favorite) that links circles to right triangles to squares. Or the formula for Coca-Cola Classic (not sure why but it’s good stuff).


I should point out one of the dangers of working remotely- I totally missed Kevin’s post on this earlier! Sorry dude. :)

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