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M:Metrics has released the results of a survey showing that British are the biggest users of mobile social media content. “10.1 percent of Britons, 7.2 percent of Germans, 6.5 percent of French and 6.7 percent of Americans reporting they uploaded photos or videos to the Web, used chat or used dating applications in the month of April.” Across all the countries it’s mostly students (13-17) who use the service, which is unsurprising, and men are slightly more likely to use the service than women.
There’s some other stats here: “In the UK market, UMTS operator 3 has the highest percentage of socially networked subscribers creating their own content, at 17.4 percent. In the U.S., T-Mobile has the highest penetration, at 10 percent, in the French market SFR leads with 7.1 percent and in the German market it’s O2, with 10.6 percent of its base using at least one of the applications.”
This is reasonably good news for the carriers, with the idea that as kids get naturally upgraded to the higher speed networks and better handsets they’ll make more use of the capabilities. There’s also the chance they’ll keep these activities as they get older. There’s also the concern of a controversy such as the one that hit MySpace… All in all, there’s an odds-on chance that it will be user-generated content that will drive significant data usage, so these kinds of statistics are interesting.
Social media usage -- M:Metrics

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