APC’s UPB10 battery for USB chargin’


Upb10I’m heading down to Florida with the family tomorrow; of course the UMPC will tag along too, but I’d love to take one of these APC Mobile Power Packs with me as well. I have a 130 W/Hr external battery so I’m covered for the Q1, but the UPB10 battery from APC has a great quality that my current batt doesn’t have: it uses a USB port to charge your device.

Obviously you can only use this 10 W/Hr power pack on devices that can be charged via USB, but I’m guessing there’s a ton of phones, PDAs and mp3 players that would benefit from this. If you can charge a device via standard or mini-USB, this $70 power pack might just what the power doctor ordered.

(via Everything USB)


Matt Smith

Kevin, what’s the 130w/hr backup battery you have? I’ve been needing something like that for when I travel.

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