The Halo is glowing


Since I angered one or two people with my previous post, I thought I would give you something to smile about. According to market research firm Needham & Co the Mac market is on the verge of an explosion. There are some compelling numbers in the report, but you just never know what the market will do no matter how much research occurs. What do you think? Is the Halo a real thing?



Well yeah maybe, never seen it happen, but you could be right in some cases.
Although i think that a moron like the one you described is going to have the same kind of trouble with a Mac, it’s just that instead of buying a new one he’s going to go to an Apple store and irritate the hell out of every employee he can find. :)

Oh and by the way, the software problems i am talking about are not caused by windows, they are caused by crappy 3rd party programming installing itself in all the wrong places messing with system files.
99% of software problems in pc’s are caused by 3rd party programs NOT by the OS.(windows or Linux)
Users who use basic programs never have to deal with that.
And if you really mess up there are a number of ways to repair it with the help of a moderate user.
So no, i dont think that software problems help the pc market, i guess it would help the apple market because after the user you described buys a new pc and finds the same problem i think he would seriously think about buying a Mac.


“My little beauty of a black pc box only has software problems from time to time, none of them are fixed by replacing hardware.”

A-ha! And that’s my point. YOU realize that you dont’ need a new computer, but regular average idiot is likely to think something like “well this thing never works right, it’s time to replace it” (except with a bunch of ‘err’s and ‘uhm’s etc, along with asking all of his ‘techie’ (read: opposite-of-techie) friend what he should do) and then he goes to walmart or something and buys a computer.

Oh! There’s another PC sale! Looks like no one’s switching haha-mac-users! No.

That’s waht I meant, not that you actually NEED to replace hardware with pc’s :p


Well I feel somewhat relieved, know that i understand some of the reasoning behind “ownership” of the pc. I too have noticed the increase of macs out in public..esp powerbooks and ibooks. everyday o see folks in coffeeshops that have wifi and tehre are more macs than PCs. YAY!


Yeah the fact is that you do see a lot more Mac’s out there compared to a couple of years ago. And if it’s not Mac’s than it’s an ipod.
It’s really easy to misread statistics.

As for the crappy beige boxes needing replacements. My little beauty of a black pc box only has software problems from time to time, none of them are fixed by replacing hardware. Pc and Mac hardware is the same thing so…
I think the big spenders in the pc world are gamers, something the Mac world is not plagued from. Gamers need the newest of the new and they are going to get it as soon as it’s out.
I use my 4year old pc with minor upgrades(memory/graph. card) for the heaviest of work tasks and it does them with ease, from video editing to 3d rendering, but as a game machine it would really suck.

It’s possible that the 95% of pc users has a big 40% that are gamers especially in the last 5-6years that you see a lot more games in the market, gamers will not switch and can’t, because of the lack of games on a Mac. So maybe a fairer statistic would be if you excluded them from it. Maybe then you could see if the Halo actually exists or not.

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“then how do we account for the fact that the total number of mac owners fell according to a recent report?”

because that’s market share which is a totally skewed number. If I had a crappy beige box running windows that I had to constantly format and fight with and upgrade I think i’d proly end up buying replacements more often too.

If a Mac lasts for 4 years without needing to be replaced then it’s going to look like WAY more people using pc’s. So while it’s true that a higher percentage use windows boxes, i doubt it’s anywhere near the current forcast of 95% – 5%.

I think it HAS translated into the total number of Macs vs PCs increasing, like I said, the percentage of computers bought just isn’t the right number to look at. To get the real numbers you’d have to do a consensus style thing, asking EVERYONE waht kinds of computers they have.

I have 8 computers in my house, 2 macs and a bunch of old pc’s that are servers and such and a media center. Those PC’s I have counted towards the overal number of PC’s sold… but I have Mac’s too, and I don’t use the PC’s as windows boxes, etc etc etc.

I think it’s likely that, of computer users, about 10-15% use Mac’s. I see them all the time, all over TV, all around my school, all over the internet more and more stuff is about Macs. I’d ignore the ‘reports’ by people looking at sales figures of Best Buy.


“There was a wave when Mac OS X came out.”… then how do we account for the fact that the total number of mac owners fell according to a recent report?

I have been hearing about the iPod halo effect, the boot-camp effect etc. but so far that has not translated into the total percent of macs vs PC world-wide increasing.

I keep hoping to wake-up someday and to hear that macs are up to 10%. Still hoping and waiting.


Yup. I see this at work all the time. Many people switching to the Mac. There was a wave when Mac OS X came out. Then another big wave when the transition to Intel chips came out.

Nick Santilli

better choose your words carefully Todd. “Halo” is a MS-related term (a la XBOX)… The loonies out there aren’t gonna let you back into the circle of trust so easily.

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