Mobility at home with a UMPC

Samsung_q1_5True story. I’m "mobile" but at home today. How can that be? I’ve run into some technical problems today, which are affecting my full time role as well as any personal endeavors; my DSL modem is fried. This happened at a particularly bad time as I’m leaving for vacation in two short days and I’m actually working from home for my employer today. Normally when I work from home, I use my work laptop with a VPN connection over my DSL line. No DSL means no VPN connection and since the work laptop is basically locked down, there’s only so much I can do from a configuration standpoint.

Well, I am working from home nonetheless and I’m doing this on the UMPC. I can’t use my monster desktop, my other Tablet PC, nor my work laptop, so the challenging situation left me very little choice. I hate to tell the naysayers this, but it’s working well.

Since I have no DSL connection and probably won’t for 24-48 hours, I’ve connected my XV6700 to the Samsung Q1 for my connectivity. My company uses Outlook Web Access, so I’m all set for e-mail; the most used application in my role. Since I’m using my cellular phone for my connectivity, I still have my home phone for voice communications, but I’ve already attended a conference call via SkypeOut, which is free in the U.S. and Canada.

I’m alternating between using the Tablet PC TIP, or Text Input Panel, and my Bluetooth wireless keyboard on the UMPC; picking and choosing the right tool for the task at hand. I wasn’t able to connect to an internal Sharepoint site, so I did have to ask a co-worker to forward me a doc from Sharepoint. I’ve got the Word doc now and I’ll be meeting with a team of folks to review the document later this afternoon. The Word doc displays just fine on the UMPC, so I’ll have it right in front of me while I’m on the call.

Granted, not every job situation is ideal for a UMPC and would I want to do this everyday? Of course not, but the fact that I can be "mobile" at home with this setup makes the device well worth it. Just thought I’d share since the Q1 is essentially my office for the day.



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