Many Thanks!


I am overwhelmed by the generosity and outpouring of support and well wishes from all of you. Sitting here at SFO on my way to London, I have only had a chance to take it all in. Thank you for making it a special day. And those of you who asked, what it means in terms of blogging – well, you will get more of it. Now it is time to return to regular programing!



OK ollie. Name one unique development taking place in London or, for that matter, England. Name anything that is cutting edge, or breakthru, that is going the change the way I live my life.


Well done Om.

Jackson – you’re a muppet! London is one of the world centers of everythingness! There’s tons going on in the development world there and its surroundings.


Hello, I’m a new reader of your blog and I’m more in the ‘programming’ world but I have to say ‘programming’ world is slowly reach it’s ending point, and there’s no ‘coding world’ after all. If you wrote programs 10-15 years before too you may understand what it’s means.


No offense to Londoner’s but there ain’t exactly a whole lot going on there as far as technology is concerned.
In fact, there ain’t exactly a whole lot going on there as far as most industries are concerned.

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